Dionysos Merlot and Hearty Winter Stew

- December 28, 2013

Full disclosure: merlot is not a favored varietal of mine. So, I was surprised when I actually enjoyed this wine! A very aromatic wine, it […]

Wine Etiquette: Tasting at a Restaurant

- December 26, 2013

By Lauren Loeffler A meal without wine is a day without sunshine. When I go to a restaurant, a thoughtful wine list is almost as […]

Top 5 Movies about Wine

- December 25, 2013

By Lauren Loeffler Need a break from the bustling holiday season? You don’t need to answer – I know that you do! Here are a […]

Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko, 2012

- December 9, 2013

By Lauren Loeffler If seafood is on the menu in the near future, if you generally enjoy crisp whites, or if you owe yourself a […]

Cru Beaujolais – An Ideal Holiday Wine

- December 6, 2013

By Lauren Loeffler Every year around Thanksgiving, your local wine haunt undoubtedly has at least a small display boasting “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrive!” This […]

Celebrities Who Own Wineries

- November 21, 2013

Orson Welles spent his golden years appearing in commercials in which he proclaimed in his inimitable voice: “we will sell no wine before its time.” […]