A Glad Return To The Peloponnese

- August 4, 2013

We wouldn’t have thought of going to Greece except that one of our daughter’s best friends, Nefeli, was from there. “It’s fine outside Athens,” her […]

Eating Like A Local While In Greece

- July 28, 2013

Every summer, urban Grecians migrate from the mainland to many of the country’s mythical islands. Here, away from the chaos of the cities, Greeks have […]

Live from Lithi: Burned But Beautiful

- July 4, 2013

CHIOS, GREECE – Americans of Greek descent and otherwise that have visited the Greek islands know that with rare exception, lush green countryside is nowhere […]

Major Byzantine Exhibition Coming to America

- January 30, 2012

AMNA–An exhibition tentatively titled *quot;Byzantium – Masterpieces from Greek Collections*quot; will travel to the US in the autumn of 2013, containing some 300 masterpieces from […]

New Greek Film Wave Makes Splash

- March 10, 2011

In recent years, Greek films have made cinematic headlines at every major international film festival. This would be a big plus for Greek culture at […]