BIOS: Amalgam of Art, Music, and Drinks

- February 6, 2014

Just a few blocks north of Gazi at Peireos 84 is a place where urban art culture meets the unconventional bar scene. Head to BIOS […]

Gavalas, Another Top Santorini Wine!

- February 5, 2014

I really can’t get enough Santorini – every one I’ve tried so far has really impressed me, and given me a much needed alternative to […]

The Nautical Museum of Crete

- January 31, 2014

Housed within the entrance of the Venetian “Firka” fortress in Chania, the Nautical Museum of Crete was established in 1973. Its permanent exhibition of 2,500 […]

Mavrodaphne-Infused Beef Short Ribs

- January 30, 2014

This is man food! Nobody has to know you cooked it in a crock pot and hardly did any work! Ingredients: 3 ½ lbs beef […]

Winter Sail on the Greek Islands

- January 29, 2014

Unless you are a very creative person, very rich, or very lucky, it would be difficult to find a sense of freedom more exquisite than […]