Bank Chief Wants Bad Loan Seizures

- April 3, 2014

Cyprus’ outgoing Central Bank Governor said the government must move to allow foreclosures and seizure of assets to offset bad loans.

EU: No Hit For Cyprus Over Ukraine

- April 1, 2014

Eurozone chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem said Cyprus shouldn’t be affected much by sanctions slapped on Russia for annexing the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Cyprus Ends Cash Limit Ban

- March 28, 2014

Cyprus has scrapped all limits on daily cash withdrawals, loosening capital controls imposed following the country’s bailout last year.

Cyprus Police Chief Fired Over Protest

- March 27, 2014

Three people were arrested as a Greek Cypriot far-right group protested a former leader of the ethnically split island’s breakaway Turkish Cypriots.

UN Envoy Sees Hope For Cyprus

- March 27, 2014

The outgoing UN’s envoy to ethnically split Cyprus says the country’s economic problems could bolster chances of a long-elusive peace accord.

Aneurysm Kills Cyprus Defense Minister

- March 21, 2014

Doctors say Cyprus’ Defense Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos died March 22, a day after suffering a brain hemorrhage, despite efforts to save him.

US Says Cyprus Peace EU Gas Hope

- March 20, 2014

The US Ambassador to Cyprus says peace on the island could allow the flow of gas off the island to go through Turkey to Europe.

Cyprus Peacekeepers Mark 50th

- March 19, 2014

United Nations peacekeepers who have kept Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots from battling each other have been on the island 50 years now.

Cyprus Blamed For Migrant Detention

- March 18, 2014

The human rights group Amnesty International accused Cyprus of holding asylum seekers and refugees in prison-like conditions, sometimes breaking EU law.

SEALS Take Libyan Tanker Off Cyprus

- March 17, 2014

A team of Navy SEALs has taken control of a stateless oil tanker seized earlier in the month by Libyan rebels, the Pentagon said.