Cyprus Gas Search Moves Fast

- May 9, 2014

A land-based facility to process Cyprus’ new offshore gas remains a top priority, but the search for additional sources must move quickly, the energy minister said.

Cyprus’ Islam’s Sufi Leader Dies

- May 8, 2014

NICOSIA — Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani, a leading figure of Sufism, the mystical branch of the Islamic faith, died May 7 at the […]

Another Bailout Review For Cyprus

- May 6, 2014

International creditors are back in Cyprus to measure the country’s progress in implementing the terms of its 10 billion euro ($13.87 billion) rescue.

Cyprus Lifts Most Capital Controls

- May 4, 2014

Cyprus has reached another milestone in getting rid of capital controls it put in place after being bailed out last year, saying all domestic controls have been lifted.

Five Turkish-Cypriots Seek EU Seats

- May 3, 2014

Five Turkish Cypriots will contest ethnically split Cyprus’ six allotted seats in the European Parliament. among 61 people who submitted their candidacies.

Cyprus Hides Bank Transfer ID’s

- May 2, 2014

Cyprus won’t reveal the names of 11,000 people who transferred money to foreign banks just before a confiscation scheme took place.

Cyprus Back To The Markets

- May 1, 2014

Cyprus raised 100 million euros ($137 million) through its first bond issue since international lenders rescued the country from near-bankruptcy last year.

Deep Purple to Play Turkish-Side Cyprus

- April 26, 2014

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend Deep Purple’s May 24 concert at Near East University (YDU) in the Turkish-controlled area of Cyprus.

S&P Upgrades Cyprus Rating

- April 25, 2014

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s is more upbeat about Cyprus’ public finances following a better-than-expected performance since the country’s financial rescue a year ago.