Cyprus’ Economy Shrinks 5.5%

- January 23, 2014

Hammered by bank confiscations and austerity measures, Cyprus’ economy fell 5.5 percent in 2013, the finance ministry said – adding that it was good news […]

Business Will Drive Cyprus Recovery

- January 14, 2014

NICOSIA – Cyprus’ hopes of getting out from under an economic crisis that some analysts said could last for years lies in its small-and-medium-sized enterprises […]

Cyprus’ 2014: Pay Cuts and Tax Hikes

- December 31, 2013

Still reeling from a bleak 2013 that brought harsh austerity measures in return for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) international bailout to keep the […]

Lagarde Wants Cyprus Sell-Offs

- December 22, 2013

Fresh on the heels of passing its first budget since agreeing to a 10 billion euro ($13.7 billion) bailout to keep its economy and banks […]

Cyprus OK’s Post-Bailout Budget

- December 21, 2013

NICOSIA – Cyprus’ Parliament has approved the 2014 state budget, the country’s first after agreeing to a painful rescue deal earlier this year that saved […]

Big Losses at Bank of Cyprus

- December 19, 2013

NICOSIA – The reeling Bank of Cyprus, brought to the edge of ruin with other state banks that suffered losses in Greek bond holdings and […]

Cypriots Protest Bailout Austerity

- December 14, 2013

NICOSIA, Cyprus – Hundreds of students, seniors and trade union members braved unseasonably low temperatures in Cyprus’ capital Nicosia to protest the country’s financial rescue […]

Cyprus Denies Gold Sell-off Plan

- December 13, 2013

Despite a deep economic crisis and reliance on international loans to stay afloat, Cyprus has no plan to sell gold reserves to pay the 10 […]

Cyprus Tackles Rising Unemployment

- December 12, 2013

Trying to deal with an economic crisis that almost brought down the country’s banking industry, Cyprus now is turning toward programs aimed at combating rising […]

Property Prices Plummet in Cyprus

- December 11, 2013

Cyprus’s economic crisis is taking its toll on property values on the island as banks aren’t lending and people aren’t buying. The prices fell up […]