Bank of Cyprus Raises 1B Euros

- July 29, 2014

Cyprus’ largest bank says it bolstered its capital base by raising 1 billion euros through a private placement of new shares.

Cyprus Impresses in Bailout Review

- July 25, 2014

Cyprus’ international creditors say the country’s bailout program is making good progress as fiscal targets were met.

Now Cyprus Wants Bank Relief

- July 17, 2014

Cyprus wants to start talks with the European Central Bank on a debt swap that would ease the burden on the Bank of Cyprus, its largest lender

Troika Checks Cyprus’ Books Again

- July 15, 2014

Troika envoys are back in Cyprus to review progress on reforms demanded in return for a 10 billion euro ($13.6 billion) bailout.

Big Blow For Cypriot Depositors

- July 4, 2014

Bank of Cypriot major shareholders, who lost 47.5 percent of their deposits last year, are set to take another whack in a stock sale.

Cyprus Says Banks Pass Stress Test

- June 26, 2014

Cyprus’ central bank chief said on June 26 that she expects the bailed-out country’s top banks to pass European tests gauging their health.

Cyprus Bounces Back With Bond

- June 19, 2014

Cyprus has returned to international markets after raising 750 million euros with its first public issue of bonds since last year’s bailout saved it from bankruptcy.

Cyprus Back To The Markets

- June 18, 2014

Only 15 months after needing an international bailout and losing one of its banks, Cyprus is poised to return to the bond markets on June 18.

Cyprus Readies Surprise Market Return

- June 11, 2014

After asking international lenders for a 10 billion euro bailout to keep its economy from collapsing, Cyprus is getting ready for a bond market issue.