Cyprus Trade Gap Grows

- January 15, 2015

Cyprus’ trade deficit grew 10 percent last year. Exports from January – October 2014 totaled 1,2 billion euros, compared to 1.3 billion  from January – […]

Cyprus Lifts More Capital Barriers

- January 10, 2015

Cyprus is restoring confidence in its financial system, scrapping a 2-million euro limit how much money businesses can transfer abroad.

Foreigners Snap Up Cyprus Bonds

- December 26, 2014

Cyprus got good news when foreign investors bid for more than three times the amount of retail bonds offered and bought the majority of a six-year issue.

No Gas Found in Cyprus Drilling

- December 20, 2014

Cyprus’ Energy Ministry says initial drilling by an Italian-Korean consortium off Cyprus’ southern coast has failed to find much gas.

IMF Withholds Cyprus Bailout Money

- December 19, 2014

The IMF won’t release 88 million euros to Cyprus because the Parliament voted to hold a key foreclosure law that would let banks confiscate homes.

Bank of Cyprus Shares Will Trade

- December 13, 2014

In a sign stability is slowly returning to Cyprus’ battered financial sector, shares in the country’s largest bank will resume trading on Dec. 16.

Cyprus Eases Money Transfers Abroad

- December 5, 2014

Cyprus has further eased limits on taking money out of the country from domestic banks by doubling the amount businesses can transfer abroad.