“Tex Louis” Gotsis: King of the Singing Cowboys

By Steve Frangos - November 16, 2017

Louis Gotsis’ role in American popular culture while undeniable, is inexplicably largely ignored. Looking back on the Greek immigrant promoters who have significantly altered popular […]

Enduring Images of the Greek Experience in San Francisco

By Steve Frangos - November 5, 2017

The Greeks in San Francisco is among the latest Greek-American histories to appear in the Images of America series of community-specific photo-historical studies (Charleston: Arcadia […]

The Enduring Legacy of Nicholas Panayoti Zorakilli

By Steve Frangos - October 23, 2017

How Nicholas Panayoti Zorakilli, as an artist, can enjoy continued international popularity while simultaneously being totally forgotten by Greeks in the United States is beyond […]

The Antikythera Mechanism Βrought to Boston

By Theodore Kalmoukos - September 29, 2017

BOSTON, MA – Xenophon Moussas, Professor of Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Mechanics at the University of Athens, brought the famous Antikythera Mechanism to Boston, MA. Several […]