Greek Music Archives in N. America

- April 20, 2015

Between 1896 and 1942, at least 2,000 individual commercial recordings of Greek music were produced in the United States.

Greek Music in US & Birth of Hi-Fi

- March 25, 2015

The spring of 1948 marks one of the most significant moments, in the history of Greek music in North America, with the beginning of long-playing records.

Pericles, Pals Chilling in Kiffisia

- March 24, 2015

Greeks, in times of crisis and prosperity alike, like to gather around a table to eat, drink, and talk, in cozy indoor spaces in the […]

Sophocles Papas’ Sweet Classical Guitar

- March 13, 2015

For some unknown reason Sophocles Papas, among modern Greeks, is one of the most overlooked of all Greek master musicians to settle on American shores. […]

Brothers in Arms: Selma, 50 Years Later

- March 12, 2015

SELMA, AL – Presidents Bush and Obama and their wives, Congressman John Lewis and numerous of his legislative colleagues, and various clergy, including Greek Orthodox […]