Super Bowl Champion Chris Maragos Tells TNH about Glorious Journey to Football’s Top Prize

- May 2, 2014

SEATTLE, WA – Super Bowl XLVIII (48), played on February 2, is the most-watched television program in American history. An astonishing 111.5 million viewers watched this professional football championship game, according to the Nielsen ratings, which means more than half of the nation’s entire population. And in the thick of it all, during a frenziSuped pace in which the two combatant teams tried to take control of the game, all cameras were on one player, his name – MARAGOS – embedded on the back of his jersey. “Hey, Maragos! That’s Greek!” tens of thousands of Greek-Americans from coast to coast no doubt exclaimed. “That’s really a blessing from the Lord and something I don’t take lightly,” Chris Maragos, a safety and special teams player for the Seattle Seahawks, who went on to rout the Denver Broncos and win the game, told TNH. “Hopefully, through my play, I can represent [Greek-Americans] in a way that they will feel proud.”