Chasing Maria Menounos

- May 11, 2014

If chasing Maria Menounos is your task, you had better lace up your running shoes and be prepared for a long run. Because the Greek-American […]

Rise of an Empire Demeans Greek History

- May 8, 2014

By John Syragakis   The over-the-top Greek fantasy film 300: Rise of an Empire begins with the historically accurate account of Xerxes after the battle […]

M. Pouliopoulos: a Life Dedicated to Music

- May 7, 2014

For Meletios Pouliopoulos, Modern Greek music encompasses nearly limitless possibilities and meanings. Listening to him speak about Greek music, one is immediately taken into the […]

Gage Takes Paneperotic Federation Helm

- May 3, 2014

BOSTON, MA – The Panepirotic Federation of America (PFA) is far from being the biggest Greek-American organization in the country, but for the past two […]