Alex Paulus of Columbia Heights

- September 24, 2014

Alex Paulus’ life, what little we can learn of it, reveals in high contrast the complexities inherent in every human being. In keeping with Greek […]

Proud to be a Hyphenated American

- September 16, 2014

By Effie Dimitria Trihas TAMPA, FL – I am one of those proverbial “hyphenated Americans.” A “Greek-American,” to be specific. You know the kind I’m […]

Andromache Again Saved by the Gods

- August 12, 2014

NEW YORK – Euripides’ Andromache has had numerous critics through the centuries. From July 28-August 2 the New York Euripides Summer Festival 2014 of the […]

Author Basbanes Writes On Paper

- August 11, 2014

NEW YORK – The title of Nicholas Basbanes’ first book has entered popular usage. He coined the phrase “A Gentle Madness,” for his relationship with […]