Elia Kazan: 11 Years Later

- September 30, 2014

Eleven years ago this week, on September 28, 2003, one of the greatest directors in Hollywood history passed away, Greek-American Elia Kazan. As legendary an […]

TNH Talks to Man Who Killed J.R.

- September 27, 2014

On March 21, 1980, millions of people around the world watched multimillionaire Texas oilman J.R. (John Ross) Ewing gunned down in his office.

Alex Paulus of Columbia Heights

- September 24, 2014

Alex Paulus’ life, what little we can learn of it, reveals in high contrast the complexities inherent in every human being. In keeping with Greek […]

Remembering Maria Callas: 1923-1977

- September 17, 2014

September 16 marked 37 years since the untimely death of opera legend Maria Callas.  The Greek soprano superstar died of a heart attack at age […]

Proud to be a Hyphenated American

- September 16, 2014

By Effie Dimitria Trihas TAMPA, FL – I am one of those proverbial “hyphenated Americans.” A “Greek-American,” to be specific. You know the kind I’m […]