Film About Dan Georgakas

- March 21, 2015

THESSALONIKI – Prolific author, academician, poet, political thinker, and TNH columnist – he co-writes the biweekly Agora viewpoint – Greek-American Dan Georgakas is the subject […]

Brother and Sister Movie Team Dream

- March 17, 2015

Your name is Austin, you are 34 years old, and your life is a shambles. What is your next move? It’s obvious: Become a movie stunt man.

Modern Minds and Power of Myth

- March 14, 2015

Author Daniel Mendelsohn and philosophy professor Simon Critchely presented On Truth (and Lies) in Myth at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Greek Model in Whistler’s Painting

- March 3, 2015

The famed painter James McNeil Whistler, from Lowell, Mass., is renowned for the portrait of his mother but used a Greek woman as a model too.