Greek-American Shepherds

- February 28, 2016

While the achievements of Greek-Americans have been noted in a number of fields, those of shepherds have been lost in the conversation.

Baltazanis’ Musical Cure in NY

- February 24, 2016

  NEW YORK – Greek musicians and composers first made their mark at New York’s famed jazz venues long ago, but Costas Baltazanis’ presentation of […]

Thodos Presents “Chicago Revealed”

- February 21, 2016

  CHICAGO, IL – Greek-American artist and impresario Melissa Thodos studied classical and contemporary dance technique at Skidmore College, then performed for eight years with […]

Our Everyday Greek

- February 18, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect – A Review   Now you can give more information about yourself and about each member of your family as to his […]

Teresa Makri and Lord Byron

- February 16, 2016

  Teresa Makri is something of a lost figure in the Greek War of Independence. While this young Greek maiden was to lead a very […]