“Echoes of Greece” in New York

- December 18, 2015

Athens street scenes, Medieval Cretan towns, and Santorini churches exemplify the diversity of Greece in “Echoes of Greece,”

Loules Tells Story of Storytelling

- December 12, 2015

  Vassilis Loules is an acclaimed and multiple award-winning film director who loves embarking on a journey into the world of storytelling. He was born […]

A Talk with Author Monica Cyrino

- December 12, 2015

By Vasilis Papoutsis   IRVINE, CA – Dr. Monica Cyrino is a Professor of Classics at the University of New Mexico and her academic research […]

Field Museum and NHM Partnership

- December 8, 2015

CHICAGO – In collaboration with the National Hellenic Museum (NHM), Chicago’s renowned Field Museum has just launched the largest, in the last 25 years, North […]

Chara Lebessi’s Passion for Fashion

- December 1, 2015

  TURNING POINT A recurring series of conversations with residents or visitors to Athens, and the very moment that changed their lives. By Alexia Amvrazi […]

Skarlatos Takes Third Place

- November 24, 2015

Capping a full year for him, U.S. Army hero Alek Skarlatos of Oregon and his professional partner finished third in the big final event of Dancing With the Stars.

Rebetika Night II: Songs for Greece

- November 23, 2015

  NEW YORK – The second night of the two-part of “Rebetika – The Blues of Greece,” an “In-depth exploration of the musical tradition of […]