Books to Add to Your December Reading List

By Eleni Sakellis - December 10, 2017

December can be a busy month for many people. With so much to do, books might be the last thing on your list this holiday […]

We Have Been Chewing Gum for the Last 2500 Years

By Dimitra Pontoporou - December 3, 2017

Most probably, human beings have been chewing natural gum from trees or bushes much earlier than the period from which we have written evidence. We […]

Our Everyday Greek: This December we Speak in Greek about Nameday Celebrations

By Dimitra Pontoporou - December 3, 2017

DIALOGUE Greek phrase            Pronunciation          Meaning Π: ΤοΔεκέμβριοέχουμε        TO deKEmvrio Ehoome On December we have πολλέςγιορτές.          poLES yiorTES.        many namedays. Μ: Πράγματι. PRAymati.     Really. Π: Στις […]