Because the Cyprus Issue Concerns Us

June 5, 2021
Βy Antonis H. Diamataris

Unfortunately, there are many who have stopped following the Cyprus issue. For example, as soon as many people see my editorial today, they will turn the page. And I am not referring only to Greeks in Greece or expats from Greece. I am also referring to many Greek Cypriots, inside and outside Cyprus, who are tired. Who feel they have 'run out of gas' emotionally. That they have fought enough. That they have spent enough. That they did what they could and, disappointed, they are walking away after watching the Cyprus issue go from bad to worse.

I do not agree with them, but I understand them. Our generation, the one that started with the best intentions, with revolutionary spirit, with purity, with patriotism, with determination to correct the problems of the past, dropped the ball on this major issue.

Since the only solution we accepted years ago was the Enosis – union with Greece – we got to the point of focusing only on trying to prevent Cyprus’ division, fighting Turkey’s ‘2-state solution.’

That's where we got stuck.

But, my Greek brothers and sisters, do not make the mistake of believing that the Cyprus issue does not concern us. Do not do that. It concerns all of us. It is a national issue. If the Cyprus issue is ‘resolved’ in an unacceptable way, we will be accountable to history. In addition, its consequences will be catalytic in a negative way for Hellenism. Our Nation will not be able to withstand a second catastrophe in almost 100 years. Do not doubt it. Cyprus held parliamentary elections on Sunday, May 30. You may not have noticed that a far-right party, ELAM, got 6.78% of the vote. That is almost double its previous percentages. The center-right DISY came out first with 27.77% and the ‘communist’ AKEL party came in second. The bottom line is that the former lost 2.9% and the latter 3.3% of the vote it received in previous elections. That means something. The alarm bell is ringing. The question is, do the politicians have ears to hear it?


The recent editorial in the Times of London, in which the paper declares that it now supports the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece, is an important step towards their not-so-distant return.

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