The Greek Researcher Dialynas who Changed Our View on the Solar System

The National Herald Archive

Photo: Google maps

ATHENS (ANA) - A team of Greek researchers from the Academy of Athens in collaboration with researchers from Johns Hopkins University of the United States have performed groundbreaking studies on the solar system.

Kostas Dialynas, a researcher at the Athens Academy of Space Research and Technology and one of the leading members of the team, spoke to the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA) about the research on Heliosphere and the Magnetic Field of Saturn.

The scientific research on the solar system announced on April 25 and published 10 days later in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy changes the prevailing perceptions about the shape of the heliosphere, a vast area that surrounds our solar system.

Dialynas said he is happy for this important scientific discovery, explaining that it is the outcome of many years of work. As he said, he is even happier because he was able to achieve this in Greece and especially in a Greek Foundation, that is the Academy of Athens.

The level of Greek universities is particularly high, he said, despite the lack of funds.

"Despite the crisis, Greek universities are doing high level scientific and educational work with little money and staff shortages," he said, while stressing the need for funds in the field of research and education in general.

Addressing to the graduates of Greek universities who want to work in the field of science, Dialynas advised them to "insist on what they want to do." He underlined however that they will also have to work hard in order to create the right conditions and overcome the problems that prevent them from chasing their dreams.