Storm Damage Worse than Expected in Andros, Greece

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Roads are covered with debris following a storm that was worse than expected in Andros on October 7. Photo: Greek Press Office

ANDROS – Trapped vehicles under bridges, loads of mud, and tons of mud in homes, shops, and roads are some of the remnants left by the bad weather in Andros that struck on Monday, October 7 and peaked in the evening.

At the heart of the storm was the area from Neimborio to Vourkoti and Achla. Torrents dragged cars, other items, and mud causing major damage to Stenies at Apikia, on part of the provincial road network from the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos to Vourkoti, as well as access to the Monastery by road. The storm also hit much of the rural road in Achla, causing water and electricity problems to communities on the island.

As a precaution, it was decided that the provincial road network from Apikikia to Vourkoti and from Stavropedes to Paleopolis would remain closed to traffic the night of the storm. On Tuesday morning, the section was reopened.

The Municipality of Andros and the South Aegean Region Fire Brigade along with volunteers from the Andros Volunteer Forestry Association (SEDA) continue their efforts to remove the rocks and debris from the main road networks of the island. The affected areas were visited by Andros Mayor Dimitrios Lotsaris along with Civil Protection Officer Ioannis Bakelas and officials from the Directorate of Technical Services of the Municipality, to check on the damage. The Andros Fire Brigade, as well as the SEDA, have responded to housing and other issues from yesterday until today, responding to calls and water demand.

The National Herald

Storm damage was worse than expected in Andros on October 7. Photo: Greek Press Office

The President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos expressed his support for the authorities and the inhabitants of Andros in a personal telephone conversation with the Mayor of Andros. Minister of the Interior Takis Theodorikakos also expressed his support to Mayor Lotsaris.

The Municipality of Andros, in cooperation with the relevant agencies of the South Aegean Region and the Ministry of the Interior, will seek to provide funds and funding that will allow for immediate and timely compensation of damage.

In the meantime, a communication has already been issued for the telephones that citizens can call to report any damage within 48 hours. As appropriate, they should call 2282360243, 2282360244 (Directorate of Technical Services of the Municipality of Andros), 2282360200 and 228230235 and 2282042199 (Andros Fire Brigade).

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Storm damage was worse than expected in Andros on October 7. Photo: Greek Press Office