Pro-Trump Democratic Mayor Mavrakis Defeated in Party's Primary

The National Herald Archive

PHOTO: Lou Mavrakis

MONESSEN, PA – Lou Mavrakis, the Greek American Mayor of the former steel city of Monessen, PA, near Pittsburgh, will soon be out of work after a 26-year-old assistant band director at the local high school beat him in a Democratic primary.

On Tuesday, Matt Shorraw, a local community activist, narrowly defeated Mavrakis and with no Republican on the ballot in November, Shorraw is all but guaranteed to be the youngest mayor in the town's history, NBC News reported.

On July 3, 2015, millions of Americans who tune in each Sunday morning to watch This Week on ABC, hosted by George Stephanopoulos, watched alternate host Martha Raddatz visit the beleaguered former steel city of Monessen and interview its mayor, Lou Mavrakis, a 79-year-old Greek-American lifelong Monessen resident and steelworker, whose father was an immigrant from Chios.

Six weeks later, on August 14, with Raddatz again hosting This Week, she played the clip of the July 3 interview with Mayor Mavrakis, The National Herald has reported at the time.

In both instances, the story angle implied that lifelong Democrats such as Mavrakis, disappointed after eight years of Barack Obama, and in a larger sense decades of establishmentarians of both major parties, are switching to Republican nominee and avowed anti-establishment populist, Donald Trump.

In the weeks between the interviews, Mavrakis has been courted for interviews by a multitude of major media outlets, such as the New York Times, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News.

As for connecting with his Greek heritage, Mavrakis used to vacation in Greece quite regularly. “I had a 13-year run,” he said TNH. “Then, they went to the Euro, and everything tripled, quadrupled in price. They can keep it."