New Ticket Prices at Ancient Sites, Museums and Monuments Starting in 2020


(Photo:Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS -  Numerous changes are coming to some of Greece's highest-drawing sites starting in 2020. Among those changes are the abolition of the 2- 1 euro ticket category and its replacement by the 3-2 euro class of ticket. The increase in ticket prices will effect 24 archaeological sites, museums and monuments. While there will be substantial increases in most ticket prices at cultural sites in Greeces starting in 2020, there will also be price reductions in five archaeological locations and in five similar such places.

The subject was addressed by the Central Archaeological Council (CAC), the members of which unanimously gave the "green light" to the proposals of the working group dealing with redefining ticket prices (individual and single), archaeological sites and museums throughout the country . The new proposals took into account statistics and revenue from tickets, the state of the sites, the area where they are - whether they are attracting people or not -, the completion of NSRF projects and, in particular, their visitation.

More specifically, there will be increases in ticket prices at archaeological sites and museums, such as the National Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, where the full and discounted tickets that were 10 and 5 euros, will become 12 and 6 euros, respectively.

There will be price reductions for the tickets at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes (from 8 and 4 euros the full and the discounted rate become 6 and 3 euros, respectively), the Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Messina (from 12  full price and 6 euros discount will become 10 and 5 euros), The Necromanteion of Acheron (from 8 full price and 4 euros  discount to 6 and 3 euros), at the Byzantine Museum of Didymoteicho (from 4 and 2 euros full and discount price to 3 and 2 euros). Finally, in the cave of Theopetra of Trikala and the Theopetra Cave Documentation and Education Center, prices are reduced from 4 euros (2 euros discounted rate) to 3 euros (2 euros discounted).

According to the new pricing proposals, a category of 10 euros is added to archaeological sites, such as Sounio and the Ancient Agora - Stoa Museum of Attalos (whose price is rising), as well as to the Archaeological Site and Museum of ancient Messina (where the price is reduced, from 12 and 6 euros the prices are increased to 10 and 5 euros respectively). Also, the category of 2 euros (in archaeological sites, museums and monuments) is abolished, replaced by the category of 3 euros (with discounts reaching  2 euros).

Where are ticket prices rising:

- In the archaeological site of the Ancient Agora and the Museum of Atlas Stoa, as well as in the Archaeological Site of Sounio, the ticket is going from 8 euros (4 euros reduced) to 10 euros (5 euros reduced).

- At the Archaeological Site of the Roman Agora and the Archaeological Site of Dodoni from 6 euros (3 euros reduced) to 8 euros (4 euros reduced).

- In the Archaeological Site of Hadrian Library, the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina, the Archaeological Site of Ancient Thera, the Timeless Museum of Larissa and the White Tower from 4 euros (2 euros reduced) to 6 euros (3 reduced).

- In the Archaeological Site of Olympiou and in the Grand Master's Palace the price changes from 6 euros (3 euros reduced) to 8 euros (4 euros reduced).

- At the Archaeological Museum of Drama, at the Archaeological Museum of Ialida, at the Koule Fortress, at the Archaeological Site of Matala, at the Archaeological Museum of Thassos, at the Archaeological Museum of Ios, at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon, at the Archaeological Site of Aptera, at the Archaeological Museum of Kissamos and at Koutouki Cave in Peania Attica from 2 euros (1 euro reduced) the prices become 4 euros the whole and 2 euros reduced.

- In Rotonda, the ticket of 2 euros (1 euro reduced) will be 6 euros (3 euros reduced), given the restoration that took place in the monument.

As far as the Museum of Modern Greek Culture (when it is put into operation), the ticket price will be 10 euros, while for its annexes (already operating) at 3 Euro each. A single ticket for Museum and Annexes (when the Museum will be operational) will be at 15 Euros. In terms of single tickets in general, there will be a reduction in their total number from 19 to 11 and the maintenance of those who are or will be included in the electronic ticketing system, as well as those expected to be publicly available. Finally, the number of days will be reduced (eg in Argolida, Cyclades).