Kythnos Island's Huge Network of Footpaths a Draw for Hikers

Αssociated Press

Kythnos, Greece. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

KYTHNOS, Greece - The island of Kythnos is placing its bets on hiking tourism as a way of boosting tourist arrivals throughout the year.

In a bid to raise the island's profile as a destination for rambling and walking holidays, the Kythnos  municipality has organised an event on focusing on the island's footpaths and hiking routes. Kythnos has many features that make it unique for hiking. Picturesque villages, beautiful beaches, spas, Byzantine monuments and archaeological sites, a cave, windmills, fountains and an unspoiled landscape are some of the elements a tourist will come across while traversing it on foot.

The island has a great network of footpaths, some clearly marked out with signs and others available in the updated maps and hiking guides. The best period of the year for walking is spring and autumn, as temperatures in summer are too high for hiking holidays.

Kythnos is part of the Cyclades islands' complex between Kea and Serifos. It is a three-hour journey from Piraeus port and just 1 hour and 40 minutes from the port of Lavrio. Its other name is Thermia. from the hot springs in the bay of Loutra. King Otto and Queen Amalia were regular visitors of the island's thermal springs during their reign (1837-1862).

Kythnos has 104km coastline, 92 bays and beaches (most of them accessible by car), three coastal settlements (the port, Merichas and Loutra) and two villages (Chora or Messaria, and Dryopida or Syllakas) in its interior.