Koufodinas, 19 Inmates Facing Furlough-Ending New Charges



ATHENS - While Greece’s highest court told a prison council and prosecutor to reconsider barring jailed terrorist killer Dimitris Koufodinas from having a seventh furlough, he and 19 other inmates could lose their rights to furloughs under new charges of insurgency.

Those are being brought in connection with inmates in February, 2018 standing in solidarity with a hunger-striking anarchist, Constantinos Giagtzoglou, who is being held on charges of belonging to the group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire and a letter bomb attack on former interim premier Lucas Papademos, said Kathimerini.

Koufodinas, a ringleader of the disbanded Nov. 17 terror group that killed 23 people, including five attached to the US Embassy over the years, was hospitalized during a hunger strike as he protested being prevented from a few more days off from jail.

He gave up the strike when the court said his request could be reconsidered, with the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA - riddled with terrorist and anarchist sympathizers - said to giving implicit backing to him.

Giagtzoglou’s hunger and thirst strike last year came over his demand to be transferred from a jail in Larissa to Attica’s alleged high-security Korydallos Prison, where friends of his are inmates.

A statement issued by Koufodinas and three jailed anarchists had expressed solidarity with Giagtzoglou, as had other inmates in separate statements.

An investigation into the incident launched at the time by Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou is finished, the paper said, and judicial officials are expected to summon the inmates soon. She had opposed furloughs for him but now supports them.

Still, the charges of insurgency could, under the furlough law, prevent Koufodinas and those accused of being eligible for time off from prison, allowed for virtually every prisoner in Greece’s system with no reports anyone other than he is getting them.

Yiannis Michalidis, one of the inmates facing the new charges broke out of an agricultural farm in Tyrintha in the Peloponnese, a low-security facility similar to the one to which Koufodinas was transferred from Korydallos after demanding  lenient treatment.

Michalidis, an alleged member of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, is known as the “Syntagma Archer” for trying to shoot at police during an Athens rally in 2011 with a bow and arrow and has been getting favorable treatment.