Greeks Don't Trust The EU, But More Than The US

The National Herald

(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris, FILE)

Wary Greeks are still suspicious of the European Union, 18 years after joining but trust the United States even less despite closer links being made between the governments, a poll by YouGov in 14 countries has shown.

The survey was done for the think tank European Council on Foreign Relations and found that 26 percent of Greeks said neither the EU nor their national government represents their national interest in international trade adequately – the highest rate among EU countries. Only the Czechs had lower expectations, said Kathimerini.

All countries surveyed showed more trust in the EU than the US, with the gap being smaller in Greece than anywhere else. Greece also had the highest rate of rejection of both the EU and the US at 58 percent.

But Greece is one of only three countries (along with Austria and Slovakia) where the percentage of those who think their country should back Russia is greater than those who would support the US-led coalition (7 percent vs. 5 percent.)

Greece is also the country with the second highest percentage of neutrality advocates, both in a theoretical US-Russia or a US-China confrontation.

Greeks are the most fervent supporters of EU accession for all the Western Balkans countries in the next decade, scoring 46 percent although it wasn't indicated whether that includes the newly-named North Macedonia after the former ruling Radical Left SYRIZA brought a contentious deal.

Some 70 percent of Greeks believe Europe has not done enough to end the war in Syria – the highest among EU countries – while 42 percent of the Dutch feel Europe has done all it could to help.