Greek Teens Are Not Happy With Their Lives

Αssociated press

(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

ATHENS – More than 9 ½ years of an economic crisis that's slowly ending, with signs of a slight recovery, the effect of the hardships caused in Greek society have played out harshly on teenagers, with more than four in 10 saying they aren't happy with their lives.

Research released by the University Mental Health Research Institute in Athens ahead of World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10 found that 43.2 percent of those aged 11-15 were dissatisfied with life, but 48 percent for girls compared to 38.4 percent for boys, with no explanation given why.

According to the study, the rate of dissatisfaction increases through puberty – from 23.6 percent at the age of 11 to 49.9 percent at 13 and 55 percent at 15 but it wasn't reported what the key factors were.

A comparison of last year’s data from a study in 2002 showed an increase in discontent from 30.3 percent to 43.2 percent. As they emerge from teen years, many will have trouble finding work with the rate of joblessness highest among young people under 25.