Greek Fashion Label Zeus + Dione Featured in Forbes

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Zeus + Dione co-founder and director Mareva Grabowski-Mitsotakis. Photo by Kostas Bej

NEW YORK – Greek fashion label Zeus + Dione was recently featured in Forbes for its iconic ready-to-wear garments designed and produced in Greece. Known for merging “clean lines and intricate embellishment,” Zeus + Dione was founded in 2012, Forbes reported, adding that “their vibrant and easy colorways… beautifully catch the sun.”

“Named after the parents of the ancient Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth, the brand is characterized by a unique interpretation of myth and tradition,” according to its website:

When asked about their start in the industry, they told Forbes, “we wanted to support our country. We thought it was very important to participate in the collective effort to get Greece out of a crisis while doing something we enjoy. It was also important to prove to the business world that there are opportunities in Greece. Τhis lovely journey started seven years ago.”

“The aim of the brand is to produce modern luxury with a story to tell that transcends classical notions of style and design. We had a clear position that we will support local craftsmanship and handmade creations originated by people with a long tradition in their craft and this is all about our brand.”

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The models wearing Zeus + Dione designs. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

About influences, they told Forbes: “One collection can be inspired by the different types of embellishment that folkloric costumes carry and reproduce them with innovative materials and an intriguing pallet of colors. Moreover, one can acquire the cut of a costume and based on that, recreate a new modern style garment. Finally, one can be influenced by classical Greek architecture formations and apply them in textile design or techniques of fabric manipulation.”

When asked about their customer, they replied, “The Zeus + Dione woman is confident and loves quality. She is a woman of the world and has traveled to destinations with authenticity and history. She is a modern woman with high aesthetics who recognizes how valuable something is that is handmade and the value of uniqueness. She is a woman who knows history and tradition. She is a ‘modern explorer’ who wants to dive in the past but also to observe what is happening right now around her. A woman who is open to “receiving stimuli,” who knows how to decode and make her own. Although she is well-known in her field, she is low-key and wants to be surrounded by fine things with high aesthetics,” Forbes reported.

Concerning the best advice in the fashion industry, Zeus + Dione told Forbes, “create a brand with a story. Don’t just create another fashion brand. It’s important to have a story to tell. We have raised awareness about Greek fashion which did not exist, which is something we are particularly proud of. A major challenge is the scale-up of the business to the next level and remains consistent in the high-quality product you offer to the customers.”

The company recently opened its new Athens flagship store and is working on the launch. They told Forbes that the store “is a unique construction that translates the inherent ability of fabrics to capture movement and light into static architectural space.”

Upcoming for the label, “New Projects for Zeus + Dione means new and innovative products, collaborations, exclusive seasonal items, new sales channels, and creative sourcing or raw materials and producers,” Forbes reported.