Greek-American Mary Papadimos Talks to TNH about Beets & Blush

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Products from the Beets & Blush line. Photo: Courtesy of Beets & Blush

NEW YORK – For many looking to find products that are natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free, it can be especially difficult in the realm of cosmetics where the use of toxic ingredients and animal testing seems to persist for many companies in spite of the increasing demand for natural products not tested on animals. Greek-American entrepreneur Mary Papadimos, Founder of Beets & Blush Cosmetics, is offering consumers new options in makeup and skincare products and changing the way people feel about their beauty products.

As noted in the company’s recent news release, Papadimos “does not want you to put anything on your body that she would not put on hers. Three years ago, she started creating Beets & Blush. Almost every time that she would read ingredient lists on consumer beauty products, she would be let down.”

Crafted with the utmost love and care Beets & Blush makeup and skincare products are vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Papadimos has created several products that help users achieve beautiful results without comprising the environment. The current product line consists of three lipsticks, a cream blush, and facial oil.

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Beets & Blush Founder Mary Papadimos. Photo: Courtesy of Beets & Blush

Besides owning a cosmetics company, Sylvania, Ohio-native Papadimos is a 27-year-old University of Toledo grad student, and vegan blogger. She started a dual law/MBA program a few years ago but quickly realized that her true passion lies within creating non-toxic, vegan and safe cosmetics. Beets & Blush was started so that everyone has access to beautiful, effective, high-quality and clean consumer beauty products. Aside from running her company, she is finishing up school and running her food Instagram/blog called upbeetandkaleingit with 125,000 followers.

Papadimos spoke with The National Herald about Beets & Blush.

TNH: How long did the business take from idea to the launch?

Mary Papadimos: The business took a little over three years to fully launch. Bringing my idea to fruition was a long journey but well worth the challenges.

TNH: What was the most challenging/rewarding aspect of launching and running your own business?

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Beets & Blush Founder Mary Papadimos. Photo: Courtesy of Beets & Blush

MP: The most challenging aspects of launching my business were acquiring the funding needed to launch and also determining which marketing avenues to take. With social media particularly, the amount of advertising options can become overwhelming. The most rewarding aspect of my business surfaces through the countless kind messages I receive from women who love my products. When women support other women, great things happen.

TNH: How is business doing so far?

MP: Very well. I’m thrilled with my first few months since launching and plan on continuing to make new products. I have acne face wash and deodorant in the R & D phase right now. Also, my products are available on Amazon, which has boosted sales.

TNH: How does your Greek heritage inform your work?

MP: My Greek heritage defines me in many aspects of my life, especially through my strong work ethic that I learned from my yiayias, papous and parents. They worked very hard to give my parents opportunities in the United States. When I think of Greece, I think of a beautiful, relaxed and loving place that holds so many memories. I am proud to be a strong Greek woman and give many of my products Greek names.

TNH: Where in Greece is the family from?

MP: They come from mainly Athens, Itea, Delphi and Amfisa.

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Beets & Blush products. Photo: Courtesy of Beets & Blush

TNH: Are there plans to expand the product line?

MP: Yes, I would absolutely like to expand my line. Makeup and skincare products are what I’m focusing on but who knows what the future holds. I also run a vegan blog and Instagram called upbeetandkaleingit, so the food industry has always been a market I’m interested in.

TNH: Are the products available in stores yet or only online?

MP: They are currently available on the brand website, and also on Amazon.

More information about Beets & Blush is available on Facebook, Instagram, and online: