Eliopoulos' Toronto Hotel X-Factor: Petros 82, Yia-Yia

The National Herald Archive


Peter Eliopoulos has been in the hospitality business for almost four decades and his banquet hall in North York, Canada handles three dozen weddings weekly, a long way from his start in 1982 when he had only one restaurant: a Greek counter serving his grandmother’s best recipes. Nothing was fancy, but the place developed a serious fan base. People would call in advance to put dibs on the roast potatoes, wrote Toronto Life in a feature.

Now his Petros 82 menu not only has grandma’s hits, (lamb chops and pasta) but chef Richard Andino complements the traditional Greek recipes with dishes like a miso black cod with quince and kale in a sweet chili-soy butter, and a walnut-crusted rack of lamb. There’s even a fully vegan, gluten-free eggplant lasagna on offer.

The orzo pasta is another one of Eliopoulos’ grandmother’s recipes that has made it onto the menu without any changes, a tomato-based pasta studded with peas, and the sauce gets its richness from an ample helping of mizithra, a Greek cheese, and then there’s deep-fried coins of zucchini and eggplant covered in grated kefalograviera, another cheese. Say thanks to his Yia Yia.