Cypriot Interior Minister Hasikos Abruptly Quits, Cites “Personal Reasons”

The National Herald Archive

Socratis Hasikos.

NICOSIA - Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos has handed his resignation to President Nicos Anastasiades and said it was for “personal reasons” but will stay on until May 17 on the President’s request, the Cyprus Mail reported.

Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace after a May 3 cabinet meeting, Hasikos confirmed that he had handed in his resignation letter saying: “I spoke last night to the president rather than to the cabinet today. I have submitted my resignation. The issues my family has been going through for the last nine months are known. I tried many times with the President (to submit a resignation) to be honest. I tried another three times to quit but the President did not accept my resignation.”

“Today however the whole situation leaves me no other choice. The government and the ministry are one thing… I have excellent relations with the President… but on the other hand I have the needs of my family…” he added.

It had been reported that his wife is gravely ill and that last year he spent weeks in  the UK with her when she had to go for treatment.

Anastasiades said that Hasikos’ resignation will be a great loss to the government. “I want to express my uttermost satisfaction with the work he has produced. It will definitely be a loss to the government,” Anastasiades said.

He added that Hasikos’ resignation concerned “personal matters that no one can prevent”.

“He had sought to resign three other times, I begged him to remain in his post but it seems there is no other way”.