Crete’s Creativity Emerges in the World of International Jazz Music

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Experience a live jam session with the new app. Photo: by TNH

HERAKLION, Crete – Greece and Crete might be famous for traditional music and dances, but shouldn’t be limited to it. Beside the folkloric Greek, a generation trying to find its own way through the labyrinths of worldwide markets is now emerging.

Since August 2016 the creative effort of two active musicians and music tutors in Heraklion has attracted the interest of many famous jazz artists. Genius Jamtracks is the first and only polyrhythm play-along application. It has been very well-received by musicians and universities around the world. Jean Michel Pilc, Sami Amiris, George Kontrafouris, and Aimee Nolte present this new application for the study of jazz music: Genius Jamtracks.

Play-alongs have been used for many years, especially for the study of jazz music, in the 21th century’s educational methodologies the goal of student’s autonomy is gaining more and more ground. This couldn’t be easier with the “invasion” of new technologies in education. Smartphones and iPads are a necessity for everyday homework.

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Relying on these facts and web opportunities, Dimitris Neonakis and Antonis Tsikandilakis invested in an innovative idea of a polyrhythmic play-along “wishing to further develop the application in order to make it fully customizable by the user, rendering Genius Jamtracks the most valuable tool in the study of harmony, rhythm and polyrhythms of jazz music.”

Its innovation relies on the specificity of Polyrhythm. As the creators say “we are fully aware of the fact that even though polyrhythms are widely considered a vital part of the jazz vocabulary and a core element of contemporary jazz improvisation and composition, there is limited literature and zero advanced software tools available for their study. The necessity for such a tool is what led to the development of Genius Jamtracks.”

While the media may dwell on the Greek crisis and the nation continues to focus its promotion on the tourist industry, there are entrepreneurs developing revolutionary products that should be noted and celebrated. Supporting innovative ideas is part of the solution to the crisis.

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