Astoria's Telly's Taverna Wins Fans in Port Chester Too

The National Herald Archive

Telly's Taverna (Photo via Facebook)

Telly's Taverna, which has been a mainstay in the Greek community of Astoria in New York City, has set up shop across Long Island in the town of Port Chester where it has quickly gained good reviews and not just for the food.

The new Telly's seats 200, including a private room that can hold 70 for special occasions and is adorned in an Aegean style which Westchester magazine said is “cute without being too kitschy” as can happen in overzealous restaurants.

It is good to go with a group, the review said, and bring an appetite because there's going to be a lot on the plate, the menu nevertheless featuring chef-owner Dianna Loiselle’s lean and simple dishes. “She wants to let the ingredients speak for themselves, and they do,” was how it was put.

All the Greek favorites are featured and the magazine recommended the seafood especially, writing that, “whoever is slinging seafood on Telly’s grill is surely making Poseidon proud. Everything that we were served from the powerful, smoldering embers came out perfectly prepared, charred on the outside, moist and tender within,” noting the calamari, shrimp and octopus.”