Tsipras Sold Greece out to EU, NATO, U.S.

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FILE - Greece's former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, presents his new party MeRA25 or European Realist Disobedience Front, during a press conference in Athens, Monday, March 26, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

Regarding “The Varoufakis View: Don’t Trust Tsipras” (online, Aug. 20), former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis sums up exactly what the problem in Greece is, which can be rectified only by the Greek people. This says it all:

“The cost was huge since 2010 and it is entirely due to the Troika’s wrong program,” he said, referring to the European Union-European Central Bank-International Monetary Fund (EU-ECB-IMF) that provided two first bailouts of 240 billion euros ($273.88 billion) from 2010-2012. “My mistake was trusting Mr. Tsipras – that we had been elected with a clear mandate not to extend the country’s debt colony status with a new memorandum and that we would fight until the end to link the total debt and the repayment rate with the GDP and its growth rate – what we call the growth clause,” he told SKAI TV.

The key takeaways are that the bailout, rejected by the people in a referendum but imposed by Mr. Tsipras, was never designed to help Greece. It served, in fact, to destroy Tsipras and his ruling SYRIZA party, who promised to be a catalyst in ridding Greece of NATO and American influence.

An acknowledged socialist, Tsipras would pursue a socialist agenda to achieve what the American people do not have: affordable health care and education.

The other statement was that the Luxembourg-based European Stability Mechanism (ESM) took the place of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is DC-based and acknowledged as the principal money or last resort lender in the world.

All Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was doing was completely unacceptable to the EU and the U.S.-led NATO, because it represented the actions of a sovereign nation not compliant to the United States and its puppet states. America could simply print more dollars following the Great Recession of 2008, something Greece could not do. Being part of the Eurozone, unlike having the independent drachma as in the past, prevented Greece from adjusting currency exchange rates. Accordingly, Mr. Tsipras was left with a bona fide financial crisis.

This phenomenon presented a chance for Greek and U.S. VIPs to remove Mr. Tsipras and SYRIZA and stop their socialist agenda, which was gripping not only Greece but many countries around the world – including the United States itself. Hence, the bailout package, with the IMF calling the shots, charging interest rates with a payment plan, dictating to a borrower and challenging its sovereignty as only the IMF can, unless some EU banks go rogue, which they did in Greece’s case.

The bailout’s objective was to destroy Greece’s social programs. German carpetbaggers acted like Union carpetbaggers after the Civil War, stealing the assets of the devastated former Confederate states at cheap, un-negotiated prices. They also wanted to remove Tsipras’ regime unless it saw the light and completely complied. He could retain his office at the expense of surrendering Greece’s sovereignty.

Mr. Tsipras clearly demonstrated he preferred to take a knee; comply and keep his position, kowtowing to the likes of Germany’s Angela Merkel and America’s President Obama. He continues to comply with the U.S. and NATO, turning over the Macedonian culture to FYROM, attempting to destroy Greece’s relationship with the Russian Federation, by following the U.S. State Department script of fabricating charges of meddling by Russia in foreign governments, which have never been proven and without any evidence. They are bald face lies, which is why Robert Mueller can only accuse Russia, but never win at trial.

Finally, the case for removing Mr. Tsipras from office is less about whether he maintained socioeconomic programs or kept his promises, but rather that he reneged on his duties to represent Greece’s interest, instead capitulating to foreign countries. That is the indictment against Mr. Tsipras. But a word of caution: removing him for his betrayal is exactly what the United States and Hellenic aristocratic elitists would applaud.

The Greek people but be very vigilant about whom they select as their next leader. And they need to march the EU, NATO, and the United States out of Greece, as Greece does not need any of them.