Others Should Follow

The National Herald Archive

The resigned Vice-Chairman of the Archdiocesan Council George Tsandikos. Photo: TNH Archive/Theodore Kalmoukos


George Tsandikos and Catherine Walsh made the correct decision recently by resigning from their positions of Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Archdiocesan Council, respectively. It was the second time that they submitted their resignations. The first time was just days after the arrival of Archbishop Elpidophoros last June, who very prudently and correctly did not accept them.

But this second time, the Archbishop did the right thing by accepting their resignations because nobody can play games with statutes, including of course, Tsandikos. After all, it is painfully the case that everybody knows what they did and what they didn’t do during their tenure.

Certainly others should follow and submit their resignations from the Archdiocesan Council, the Finance Committee, and yes the Hierarchy. I repeat one more time that they are all responsible for the dire condition into which they led the Archdiocese and its institutions, and not just Demetrios. He of course is responsible per se because he was the Archbishop, the First.

The same thing should apply to the Theological School. All of its officials should submit their resignations instead of wanting to get into positions again in order to continue riding the carousal. They all should make it easier for Archbishop Elpidophoros to bring new blood everywhere, including the Theological School. After all they have proven their smallness all these years – that is why the Archdiocese and the Theological School have found themselves on their death bed, “shortly before their end.” All these years they were fooling themselves and others, and now is the time for serious reconstruction otherwise our historic end is near.

The symptoms of the phthisis to which Demetrios, the Eparchial Synod, the Archdiocesan Council and its Committee’s and Sub-committees drove the Church are nightmarish.

A quick look at parishes in New England where I reside and where I live the drama of the phthisis is enough to see the degree of the ruins. Naves are empty with the number of congregants from 27 to 50, most of which are of advanced age. A painful example is the one-time thriving community of Lowell, MA where today the smell of death is really unbearable.

I insist that it is imperative for there to be in-depth financial audits in all the Metropolises of forensic type and not those shallow and controlled internal audits.

Let us not kid ourselves – everything and everybody at the Metropolises used to be unchecked and this party should end. Our faithful understand and know much more than some clergy employees of all ranks about our ecclesiastic life, that is why many faithful depart extremely disappointed and don’t return.

Archbishop Elpidophoros can resurrect the Archdiocese and the Metropolises, but of course it is going to take time. Certainly he has to start from somewhere, and if I read the signs well “the time is near” for the changes. Let us not forget that for twenty years Demetrios and his collaborators destroyed everything and it is unrealistic to expect Elpidophoros to construct everything in just three months. They even sold the house of the late Archbishop Iakovos that was in a very prominent location of Rye, New York, at the entrance of the Country Club, for only $3.0 million dollars when the real estate market was it its lowest level. They spent $800,000 thousand dollars, they said, to fix the roof of the Archdiocese – one might imagine that it was made from gold and the rest of $2,200,000 is nowhere to be found. And after all these irresponsible and hypocritical acts, the hierarchs and the followers of so called Archdiocesan Council say that they didn’t know anything. Hypocrisy and smallness was the drama of our Church here, and this what Elpidophoros has to deal with.