Analysis: Games and Intrigues

The National Herald Archive

Metropolitan Methodios of Boston interim president HCHC. (Phot by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

It was so unprejudiced, the mockery of the recent postponement of the Clergy Laity Assembly of the Metropolis of Boston, that some could only categorize it among the known games and tricky intrigues that the ecclesiastical ‘employees’ of every rank have been playing for many years.

The Metropolis of Boston has not had a Clergy Laity Assembly for three years, as TNH has written many times, and not even a veiled reason has been given. After the many reminders and mentions of TNH a Clergy Laity Congress was announced for Saturday October 5, but it was postponed the last minute “due to urgent structural-electrical problems” as Chancellor Barbas wrote in his communique to the clergy and the parishes, adding that “seeing that no other venue is available at this late date, we are forced to postpone this Saturday’s Assembly to a future date.”

Yes, that was the reason given by Barbas executing his boss’s directive, who after conceiving that sophism boarded an aircraft and flew to Greece.

It seems that the local hierarch didn’t care at all about the irreversible damage that he did to the Maliotis Cultural Center by declaring that it was “unsafe” to host his Clergy Laity Assembly. One wonders why he announced the Assembly without first making sure the Maliotis Center was “safe”? One more thing: how come the Maliotis Center was safe just weeks ago when it hosted the Academic Convocation of Hellenic College-Holy Cross School of Theology with His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros as keynote speaker and the multitude of teachers and students who were present?

The Boston hierarch didn’t estimate well that our Greek-American Community of Boston has many decent, honest, and courageous people, one of whom is the president of the Board of Directors of the Maliotis Center, Professor Philippos Seraphim. In his statement to TNH he said that “we don’t have any structural problem. If there were such a problem we would have corrected it immediately for the safety of the students and the many people that visit the Center daily. I don’t understand why they made such a statement before the visit of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros” pulling off the mask of hypocrisy and fakeness from those who blamed the Maliotis Center.

Of course, no new date was set for the Assembly so that the Metropolis of Boston could provide financial reports about the income and expenses of the Metropolis, Philoxenia House, and the Camp in Contoocook, NH, or the huge donations given to the Metropolis which amount a few million dollars. An example is the $1,183,486 left to the Metropolis by Greek-American George Grinis in October of 2015.

People would be naive to think for even a moment that some clergy or even laity would question the well paid “professionals” of our ecclesial life about what is going on with the finances. We shouldn’t forget that any member of any parish that contributes financially to sustenance of the parish has the legal right to examine the financial records of the parish and consequently of the Metropolis because they are both non-profit organizations.

One more thing. Why was the Clergy Laity Assembly postponed since there were other places where it could have taken place? Specifically, there is the Pappas Auditorium where the schools’ graduation and other ceremonies take place, and also there are classrooms available for the Assembly’s seminars. Also, at a very short distance there is the community center of the Annunciation Cathedral with meeting rooms, and the offices of the Metropolis are just steps away from the Center where seminars can be held.

Our pious and God-loving people see all these games, like the most recent one regarding Boston’s Clergy Laity Assembly and many others. Their numbers cannot be counted and they just walk away dispirited, and today we find ourselves in New England before a Church that is a deserted abomination. These types of pathologies have been  recurring for many years, causing the local Church of Boston to become diseased. They have destroyed the cells of its existence, which are the parishes.