Paspaley: From Kastellorizo to Australia and Back Again (Vid)

The National Herald

Kastellorizo. Photo: Antonios Petropoulos, via Wikimedia Commons

KASTELLORIZO – Paspaley, the luxury jewelry brand best known for its rare and valuable pearls, is celebrating its centennial this year and has its roots in Kastellorizo. In a recent campaign revealing its latest collection called Megisti, the brand returned to the island in the Dodecanese, Vogue Australia reported.

Megisti, meaning biggest or largest is, in fact, the official name of the island from ancient times, though the island itself is the smallest of the Dodecanese, it is the largest in its own little archipelago. The name Kastellorizo came into use in the 12th century.

Theodosis Paspalis of Kastellorizo, after he immigrated to Australia in 1919, built a fleet which became the basis of the family business in the pearling industry. His son, Nicholas, joined the trade as a teenager, eventually changing the family name from Paspalis to Paspaley and establishing the Paspaley Pearling Company which continues as a family-run and -owned business, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Australian model and actress Pia Miller is featured in the latest campaign which includes a film, directed by Joseph Kahn, in which Miller, wearing Paspaley rare pearls and designs from the new collection, dances through the streets of Kastellorizo.

Paspaley Creative Director Christine Salter told Vogue Australia, “this year’s collection is based on a journey between two worlds. The designs exhibit a potent combination of Greek culture and the natural, rugged beauty of the Kimberley – the birthplace of our pearls, honoring my grandfather’s momentous journey from Greece to Australia 100 years ago.”

The film is available online: