Keep Calm and Yoga On the Greek island of Symi

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Photo: Symi Yoga Retreat

By Aliz Koletas

The ten-day Symi Yoga Retreat odyssey, carefully curated by cousins, Athena Scott-Rublee and Arianna Galanis Panton offers a unique experience combining yoga and self-development within their own Greek heritage.

Guests will be able to experience the natural beauty of the island by joining one of the daily island exploration excursions while immersing themselves in the history of the area and enjoying authentic, traditional Greek culture.

The Island Adventure’s comprehensive itinerary include activities that might not ordinarily be accessible to a tourist, allowing guests access to the Greek culture and way of life from a first-hand perspective.

Q: How did this idea get started?

A: Arianna and I were raised in London. I moved to the US and she moved with her family to Symi. Last year we were chatting about the Greek economy, how we would love to give back to the community in Symi, and how we would love to share our culture with folks. There is something incredibly wonderful about how Greeks celebrate their emotions (even heartache) and I really think that is what allows them to stay so passionate and present.

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Photo: Symi Yoga Retreat

Q: Why Greece?

A: The whole Greek experience is a mindful one and we simply decided to use the resources we had available to us to help bring joy to others. We simply want to provide an antidote to modern living and remind folks what fun/living looks like. It seemed like an obvious choice for us.

Q: What does the yoga retreat entail?

A: We’ll be taking them on tours, feeding them lots of food, feeding them some more food, teaching them to play tavli, how to make Greek coffee, classes on Greek language, cooking and dancing, and really trying to immerse them in the beauty of Greek culture.

Q: When is this happening?

A: We had our first retreat in May 2017 then another in October. It’s been a blessing to be able to have the family work together in this manner.

To learn more information on the next retreat October 4th-13th 2017, please visit

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Photo: Symi Yoga Retreat