"Cities of Alexander the Great" Introduces Mountain Bike and Hiking Packages


(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

A series of programmes for mountain bike, hiking and cultural excursions were presented by Greek tourist agencies of the "Cities of Alexander the Great" initiative at the international tourist exhibition Ferien in Vienna recently.

The members and partners of the network "The Cities of Alexander the Great", representing several locations in northern Greece, scheduled a series of 14 business meetings during the international fair, to promote alternative tourism areas of Macedonia among Austrian and Bavarian tour operators.

The featured promotion was the mountain bike route that links the village of Dragounteli in Sithonia with Holomontas, Arnea and Paleohori along with the Aristotle Mountain route that links Mt. Pangeo with Mt. Athos.

There were targeted presentations of alternative vacations for "mountain excursions fans" which are expected to have a high interest response, provided that the specific routes include and are linked with internationally acclaimed historic brands, as "Aristotle", "Alexander the Great", "Alexis Zorbas" and "Mount Athos".

In parallel, a comprehensive cultural programme for potential Austrian travellers was presented in Vienna, including a tour of the historic Thessaloniki, Ancient Amphipolis, Ancient Stagira and Sidorokafkasia in an itinerary to Mt. Athos. Austrians tour operators expressed strong interest in a Macedonian round trip with a strong historic undertone that includes stops at natural and archaeological sites.

"At a time when the Greek National Tourism Organisation data shows that tourist flow from Austria to Greece exceeds 18 percent annually, we are creating tourist products and infrastructure to present a chain of events, worthy of the historic route we are promoting," said the president of the network and mayor of Amphipolis Costas Melitos.