American Teen Searches for Engaged Couple He Photographed

The National Herald

The proposal moment was captured by Col Stinson on Santorini, but the couple has yet to be found via Twitter. Photo: Col Stinson on Twitter

GAINESVILLE, FL – Anywhere you turn your camera in Greece, you can capture incredible views, but Santorini is perhaps the most famous for its sunsets. While snapping away, Col Stinson, an American teen who attends Buchholz High School in Gainesville happened to capture the moment a couple got engaged against the dramatic backdrop of cliff and sea at sunset on July 27, reported.

Unfortunately, Stinson could not catch up with the couple to share the wonderful photo which shows the proposal moment, the man kneeling and the woman in her black dress.

Stinson decided to do what most would in today’s technologically advanced world, he posted the photo on Twitter and asked for help from anyone who might recognize the couple. He posted, “Watching the sunset in Santorini last night and captured this but wasn't able to get the picture to the couple, so twitter do your thing.”

The photo was posted on July 28 and, as of August 3, has over 21,000 likes and has been retweeted over 12,000 times. Among the comments were best wishes to the couple and hopes that someone will share the photo with them, but of course, this is the internet, so there was a bit of criticism, too, for Stinson’s photo which featured a “slanted” horizon.

Luckily for photography sticklers online, another Twitter user, Bogdan Valko, sent in his own photo of the exact same proposal on Santorini (without a slanting horizon), in reply to Stinson, posting “Send them this one too!” reported, adding the comment, “The horizon being slanted was really bothering me too,” posted by Twitter user uthman.

At press time, the newly-engaged couple had not yet contacted Stinson about the photo.