Aegialis Hotel & Spa on the Beautiful Island of Amorgos

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Aegialis Boat Trips are a great way to enjoy your visit to Amorgos. Photo: Courtesy of Aegialis Tours - Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers guests an enchanting experience on the beautiful island of Amorgos in the Cyclades. The owners Irene and Nikitas Giannakopoulos have lived in New Jersey for 12 years, and as Greek-Americans themselves have special feelings for visitors from the States, they told The National Herald.

Their love for their home island of Amorgos, and their love for hospitality in general, led them to build Aegialis Hotel, which has become a highly regarded destination in the Cyclades. Owner Irene Giannakopoulos answered TNH’s questions about Aegialis and the island.

TNH: What can visitors expect when they choose Aegialis for their vacation?

Irene Giannakopoulos: Visitors at Aegialis Hotel & Spa will experience a warm welcome, which will make them feel at home, and this feeling will last during their whole stay.

TNH: How far in advance should people begin planning for their stay?

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A tranquil scene on an Aegialis Boat Trip. Photo: Courtesy of Aegialis Tours - Aegialis Hotel & Spa

IG: As Aegialis Hotel is a very popular destination for leisure holidays, for weddings and honeymoons, for yoga retreats, and for different seminars or business meetings, so 6-12 months in advance would be a good period to organize a booking, in order to secure availability. However, travelers can check for availability any time after booking their flights.

For groups for weddings, yoga, or hiking, one year in advance is advisable, in order to get the desired availability.

TNH: What do Greek-American guests look for the most when they plan their stay at Aegialis?

IG: They are looking for the excellent services, the great facilities of the accommodation and the Lalon Idor Spa, the amazing views of the property, and the activities which are organized by the hotel. People are looking for a wellness experience, which is achieved by all the services offered at the Spa, the great healthy food offered at the Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant, and the exercise available on the beautiful island of Amorgos.

TNH: Amorgos is perhaps not as well-known an island in the Cyclades, what are some of the advantages of choosing the island and Aegialis in particular?

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A tranquil scene on an Aegialis Boat Trip. Photo: Courtesy of Aegialis Tours - Aegialis Hotel & Spa

IG: Amorgos, off the beaten track, offers the visitor a unique experience, due to its awesome natural beauty, the amazing clear and clean blue waters with their sandy beaches, and the rich culture, felt everywhere. The traditional villages offer a picturesque atmosphere with the whitewashed narrow kalderimi, painted with flowers,

while the local people welcome everyone with a genuine smile.

TNH: What special packages are available?

IG: There are Easter packages, an 11-day luxurious Greek Honeymoon, Wellness packages, Hiking Escapes, Wedding packages, and the 8 days Religious Package.

All can be viewed on the hotel site:

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A group enjoying their Aegialis boat trip. Photo: Courtesy of Aegialis Tours - Aegialis Hotel & Spa

TNH: Are discounts available for those who book well in advance of their stay?

IG: There are early bird rates only when announced. Usually, there are for the Elysia Yoga Convention and Yperia Amorgos Film Festival.

TNH: What types of activities and amenities do guests enjoy the most?

IG: People love the cooking classes, as gastronomy is connected with the local culture. They love to hear the history of the life of locals in olden times that is related to products of their own cultivation. They love garden and herbal tours, as Amorgos is famous for its aromatic and therapeutic plants.

Boat tour activities with snorkeling, swimming, and picnics on remote beaches are also very much enjoyed by guests.

More information about Aegialis Hotel & Spa is available online:

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A group enjoying their Aegialis boat trip. Photo: Courtesy of Aegialis Tours - Aegialis Hotel & Spa