New York Euripides Summer Festival Presenting Two Plays

The National Herald

Bust of Euripides in the Louvre in Paris. Photo: Public domain

NEW YORK – A New York City summer tradition, the New York Euripides Summer Festival is back in town presenting two rarely-staged classics by Eurpides, Iphigenia among the Taurians and Daughters of Troy in a limited run from July 27-August 1 in select outdoor stages and indoor performances. All performances are free of charge to the general public and to students of all ages.

Iphigenia among the Taurians is based on the mythical version that Iphigenia was actually not sacrificed in Aulis by Agamemnon but was rather saved by Artemis whom she now serves as a priestess at her temple in Tauris. Her brother Orestes and his friend Pylades attempt to rob the temple. With Jade Anderson in the title role, the production features Frank Pagliaro as Orestes and Gerome Olona as Pylades. The Greek Women are played by Mary Flannigan, Leah Griff, Ellen Relac, and Annie Fang. Joel Hunter appears as the Herdsman, Nick Meruvia as Thoas, Carlo Maria Velardi as the Messenger and Ruba El-kaddoumi as Athena. The play is directed by Stephen Diacrussi.

Performances are on Saturday, July 27 at Theatre 54 at 8 PM, Monday, July 29 at East River Park Amphitheatre at 6 PM, and Wednesday, July 31 at The Richard Rodgers Amphitheatre at 6 PM.

Daughters of Troy, one of the best anti-war plays ever written, reflects Euripides’ disillusionment with Athenian democracy, drawing on events from the Trojan War, just after the stratagem of the Trojan Horse, when Troy fell to the Greeks. Ruba El-kaddoumi repeats her role as Athena and Deedee Woche appears as HecubaThe Trojan Women are played by Annie Fang, Taylor McKenzie, Abigail Gabor and Shadie Thompson. Talthybius is portrayed by Joel Hunter and Menelaus by Christopher Yoo. Charlotte Williams plays Cassandra and Lesley Young is Andromache. Alexis Slocum appears as Helen and Stephen Diacrussi makes a rare festival appearance as Poseidon. The play is directed by Annabelle Lau.

Performances are on Sunday, July 28 at Theatre 54 at 6 PM, Tuesday, July 30 at East River Park Amphitheatre at 6 PM and Thursday, August 1 at The Richard Rodgers Amphitheatre at 6 PM.

New York Euripides Summer Festival is produced by American Thymele Theatre.

Reservations are not required but recommended for July 27 and July 28.

To make reservations, please call Ticket Central at: 1-212-279-4200 or click: