Flavia Sgoifo Talks to TNH about Extraordinary Aliens at New York Winterfest

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A scene from Extraordinary Aliens with Giorgia Valenti and Bianca Waechter. Photo: Guilherme Pedra

NEW YORK – Extraordinary Aliens opened at New York Winterfest at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Manhattan on January 13.

The hilarious sketch comedy about immigration co-written and directed by Flavia Sgoifo, the Greek-Italian actress is back for a second round of performances.

This year young Italian actress, Giorgia Valenti joined the cast “giving a whole new energy to the show,” Sgoifo told The National Herald.

“Directing and sharing the stage with Bianca [Waechter] and Giorgia is such a blessing. Even though they are really young I can’t stop but notice how talented they are. I’ve literally asked them to do all sort of things for this play: from singing and dancing to changing their accent, their voice and body shape... and they were able to do it all while still keeping the fast speed and comedic timing,” Sgoifo said.

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A scene from Extraordinary Aliens with Bianca Waechter, Flavia Sgoifo, and Giorgia Valenti. Photo: Guilherme Pedra

“It’s always nice to see people laughing and enjoying the show, but having people tell me how much they relate to the topic since they have been through a visa/green card process adventurous journey themselves, or even better having people in the audience that had absolutely no idea about this whole process telling me how much they learned just by watching the play is the absolute reward for me,” she told TNH.

“We wrote this play with Arianna [Wellmoney] and Bianca last year aiming to tell a true story, while supporting the community of international artists going through any immigration process here in the States, and to make people laugh,” Sgoifo noted.

A little bit about the play, Extraordinary Aliens is the journey of a very important stressed alien through the immigration process, Fabianna - a foreign actress whose dream is to work in the United States. Unfortunately, dreams are a little harder to achieve when you have to worry about types of visas, deadlines, immigration fees and an attorney who seems more messed up than yourself. Fabianna will soon find that troubles are always around the corner - but she also might find herself not completely alone in the process.

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A scene from Extraordinary Aliens with Giorgia Valenti and Bianca Waechter. Photo: Guilherme Pedra

Based on true events.

Cast: Flavia Sgoifo, Bianca Waechter, and Giorgia Valenti.

Written by: Flavia Sgoifo, Arianna Wellmoney, and Bianca Waechter

Directed by: Flavia Sgoifo

Extraordinary Aliens opened to a sold out house at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo in New York on March 15, 2019. In June 2019 the play was accepted and performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles. This year, after popular demand the play is back, revised, and funnier than ever before, for three more performances.

Catch the next two performances on Wednesday Jan. 15, 9 PM, and

Saturday, Jan. 18, 6 PM at the Hudson Guild Theater, 441 W 26th Street in Manhattan.

Tickets are available online at the official website of the festival or cash at the door.

More information is available online: