Natalia Linos Defeated in Congressional Primary

The National Herald

The Greek-American epidemiologist Natalia Linos. (Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Natalia Linos)

BOSTON – Greek-American scientist Natalia Linos, Executive Director of the Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, who was running for Congress in in Massachusetts's 4th District, lost the Democratic primary election on September 1. Dr. Linos, according to results announced thus, came in fourth among the candidates, receiving 12% of the votes. The victory will be claimed among the two frontrunners Jesse Mermell and Jake Auchinclos, who are less than one hundred votes apart.

About ten people rushed to file their candidacy for the 4th District which became vacant after 39-year-old Joseph Kennedy III declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, attempting to unseat the well-liked 74-year-old Senator Edward J. Markey, who defeated Kennedy with a margin of more than 10% of the vote, shattering the myth that a Kennedy could not lose an election in Massachusetts.

The heart of the 4th District is Brookline, MA but it also includes the cities of Newton, Wellesley, Needham, and others. Dr. Linos, who performed well for a political rookie, decided late in the game to join the race. She needed to collect one thousand signatures from voters in the 4th district by May 5 in order to get on the ballot, which she did easily.

Natalia Linos was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1982. She graduated from the high school of ACS Athens and went on to pursue her undergraduate degree at Harvard University with a degree in Social Anthropology. She later returned to the Harvard School of Public Health for her postgraduate studies, earning two more degrees, Master in Science, and Doctor of Science in Social Epidemiology.

She worked for many years at the United Nations and also as a policy advisor to the New York City Health Commissioner, where she led in the development of many initiatives to address poverty, discrimination, and health. She lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with her husband Paul and their three children, Amalia, Leonidas, and Alexandra.