Linos Tells Greeks COVID-19 Made Health Political Issue

The National Herald

Natalia Linos, a Democrat running for Congress in Massachusetts’ 4th District. (Photo Provided by Natalia Linos)

With her background she knows what's she talking about and social epidemiologist Natalia Linos – running for Congress in Massachusetts' Fourth District – told the Greek newspaper Kathimerini that COVID-19 has become politicized.

The Executive Director of Harvard’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, she has been a policy influencer through her career but said she likely wouldn't have jumped into politics if not for the Coronavirus.

She told the paper that politicians using the pandemic forced scientists like her to take a stance, especially with so many conspiracy theories and doubters thinking the case numbers and deaths have been whoomped up.

She said the United States isn't in good shape to deal with the pandemic because of social inequalities and an anti-immigrant stance, the poor among those most affected and likely to die.

She said her campaign will be based on science and equity, attributing it to her religious, morality-based Greek upbringing. A mother of three young children, she told the paper she wants to unite the Greek-American community and be an advocate for human rights in U.S. foreign policy and for solidarity in combating the global pandemic.