Greek Americans for Biden Officially the Largest Ethnic Facebook Group for Biden

The National Herald

Greek Americans for Biden / Harris officially named the largest Joe Biden ethnic Facebook group. (Photo: Greek Americans for Biden Facebook group)

NEW YORK – The grassroots Facebook group Greek Americans for Biden which was established in June 2020 has grown to over 8,300 members. According to Facebook, the group added another 197 members in the last week. The group is actively working to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris through fundraising and campaigning efforts.

Angie Xidias, a member since August, told The National Herald about the group, “We have officially been named the largest Ethnic Facebook group for Biden! This is huge news for the Greek American community!”

“The admin of the group is Harry Zikas, Jr. who started the group and is responsible for bringing so many Greek-Americans for Biden together. I myself joined the group in August and felt like I had finally found a place where like-minded people could share ideas and views on how to help get Biden and Harris elected. I took the role in helping with fundraising for the group for the campaign.”

Among the group’s rules, “Follow Joe's Code - We are a community that values: Compassion, Faith, Resilience, Empathy, Kindness, Humility, Joy, Respect, Inclusion, Dignity, ‘No Malarkey’. All posts should reflect this.

“Echo Joe's Tone - We are charged with echoing Joe Biden’s message of unity and making sure this group is a place where all people exploring supporting Joe feel comfortable. All non G-rated language will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

“We Respect Each Other - Everyone here is on Team Joe, but we might have differences in opinions on specific topics. Any comments that are disrespectful to another group member will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.”

More information about Greek Americans for Biden is available on Facebook: