Results of Second Round of Local Administration Elections in Greece

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(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris, file)

The results in Greece after the end of the voting procedure for the second round of the local administration elections on Sunday was the following according to the Interior Ministry at 20:47.

Municipality of Athens (with 93.00 percent of the votes counted) Costas Bakoyiannis 65.24 pct Nassos Iliopoulos 34.76 pct

Municipality of Thessaloniki (with 92.63 of the votes counted) Nikos Tahiaos 32.96 pct Constantinos Zervas 67.04 pct

Municipality of Patras (with 20.18 of the votes counted)

Costas Peletidis 71.30 pct Grigoris Alexopoulos 28.70 pct

Municipality of Piraeus (with 95.36 of the votes counted) Yiannis Moralis 57.91 pct Nikos Vlahakos 42.09 pct

Regional Governors

Region of Attica (with 83.55 of the votes counted) Giorgos Patoulis 65.95 pct Rena Dourou 34.05 pct

The ballots in Greece closed at 19:00.

Costas Bakoyiannis elected Athens mayor

Costas Bakoyiannis was elected Athens mayor in the second round of the local administration elections that was held on Sunday. With 93.43 of the votes counted, Bakoyiannis received 65.23 pct followed by Nassos Iliopoulos that received 34.77 pct. The blank votes were approximately 5,000 and the invalid votes were approximately 3,000. Bakoyiannnis was supported by New Democracy and Nassos Iliopoulos by SYRIZA.

Constantinos Zervas the new mayor of Thessaloniki

Constantinos Zervas succeeded to reverse to result of the first round of the municipal elections in Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, in the second round that was held on Sunday June 2.

With 96 percent of the votes counted, Zervas, who will be the successor of Yiannis Boutaris in the municipality of Thessaloniki received 66.82 pct against Nikos Tahiaos who received 33.18 pct of the votes. Tahiaos was first in the first round of the elections. Zervas run in the municipal contest as an independent candidate and Tahiaos was supported by New Democracy.

Yiannis Moralis re-elected mayor of Piraeus

Yiannis Moralis was re-elected Piraeus mayor in the second round of the local administration elections that were held on Sunday.

With 98.34 pct of the votes counted, Moralis received 57.83 pct and Nikos Vlahakos who was officially supported by main opposition New Democracy (ND) received 42.17 pct.