Kyriakos Mitsotakis' Plan For His Government


ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis. (Photo: ND Press Office/Dimitris Papamitsos via Eurokinissi)

ATHENS (TNH OFFICE) - Considering it almost a certainty (Based on clear-cut poll data) his victory in the next elections (whenever they may be), leader of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is already planning the next day after the elections as reported in the newspaper "To Vima" and the website, "".

More specifically, as "To Vima" alludes to, Mr. Mitsotakis plans a political structure with ministry supervisors who will help him with his work, while he will place non-party executives as candidates for the Ministry of State of Greece and those that are not selected will be placed in high Ministry positions.

In the new structure of the Maximos Mansion, there will be a captain, while a central role will be played by a newly created Ministry of Digital Governance, the creation of which was first announced by Mr. Mitsotakis at the meeting of the office of the European People's Patty that took place in early February in Athens.

At the same time, Mr. Mitsotakis' invitation to the center left remains open. He repeated that invitation again a few days ago from Volos where he was located for a New Democracy event. Whilst in Volos, Mr. Misotakis called on recent New Democracy defects to "return home" to their party which is renewed in terms of both leadership and ideas. He also called on Greeks across the political spectrum to come to New Democracy so that their ideas may truly be heard.

The website "", refers to well-informed source who talk about surprise inclusions in the future ND government make-up including members from outside the party and there are thoughts of eliminating some government positions and merging ministry portfolios together.

These are thoughts that are part of a specific program that has been shaping up over the last few months. There are many in Mr. Mitsotakis' close circle of people who believe that the leader of the main opposition party in Hellenic Parliament has already come to terms with the basic framework of his ministerial council structure. As it is known for a few months now, the legislative bill on the new government scheme, and overall, on the functioning of the public administration will be one of the first draft laws to be passed if and when Kyriakos Mitsotakis wins the next general elections of Greece.

In this context, the intentions of the President of New Democracy to let meritocracy be his guiding principle in hiring the best people possible for his government is crystalized, with his now routine phrase that he repeats in most of his public speeches, "A good minister does not mean that he is good in all ministries". It is a phrase shows Kyriakos Mitsotakis' steady position that a key criteria for any person to enter his government as a cabinet member, is his or her direct relevance to the content of the portfolio that the cabinet member will be called upon to take.

The logic of "one size fits all" is not the way that the selection criteria will be for Mr. Mitsotakis, who insists on the logic of specialization.

According to the same sources, Mr. Mitsotakis has been working on governance models that have been implemented in Central European countries and which have worked fast and efficiently for citizens, minimizing bureaucracy and unnecessary government spending.

Already, since  September 2018, during a period where he has been politically neutral, the leader of the main opposition party of Hellenic Parliament tried to give an outline of his ministerial council, as he envisioned it: - There will be few members in the cabinet, to streamline efficiency - There will be no alternate ministers - Ministries will have no deputy ministers, and if they do, there will be just one - Ministerial portfolios will be merged

A week ago, in the French newspaper "Figaro", he also referred more specifically to the people he would want to include in his ministerial plans. "I will govern with the people of my generation. And we will open up the doors of our government to people from civil society, business people and members of other parts of the Greek political and idealogical spectrum", leader of the main opposition party in Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Misotakis, noted.