Jailed Greek Terrorist Convicted for Setting Cell Fire


The former member of Nov. 17 terror group, Christodolous Xiros in 2003. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

DIAVATA, Thessaloniki - A former member of the Nov. 17 terror group, Christodolous Xiros, was given an additional five-month sentence by a Thessaloniki court a five-month sentence over a fire he confessed he set inside a cell in the Diavata prison on February 2018.

Xiros was found guilty of aggravated damage by fire, which is a misdemeanor, but was acquitted of arson, which is a felony, said Kathimerini. He set the fire while being held in solitary confinement in the disciplinary cell of the Diavata prison but it wasn’t explained how he was able to do that.

Speaking in court, Xiros justified the fire as a “violent protest” which he linked with the rejection of his request to be transferred to a "proper cell" in another prison and said he was kept under “inhumane and degrading” conditions.

“I was desperate. I had no other solution. The disciplinary room is a place of punishment, not for serving a sentence,” he told the court, blaming the warden for what the terrorist, part of a group that killed 23 people, for mistreatment.

A few months after the arson incident, and following two hunger strikes, Xiros was transferred from Diavata to the high-security Korydallos prison in Athens.

Xiros, who received six life sentences for his involvement in November 17, was found guilty in 2003 of taking part in 33 of the group’s attacks, including six murders they had committed.