Greek PM Tsipras Leaves Open Possibility for Additional Relief Measures

The National Herald

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Stefanos Rapanis)

ATHENS - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in statements to 247 radio on Monday, pointed out that a negative outcome in the euroelections would threaten the relief measures.

If the "obsessive forces of austerity" prevail in Greece and in Europe, that would be a risk for the positive measures, he said while leaving open the possibility of a Christmas benefit as well.

Asked if less money was given to those entitled the 13th pension, Tsipras said: "Less money? Then they have one option, to vote for Mr. Mitsotakis and take nothing at all."

He explained that the main opposition leader did not hide his intentions. He said that the 13th pension was infeasible and he would not vote for it. Our aim is to give the same amount at Christmas, he added.

The Prime Minister said that the extreme neoliberal technocrats and the forces of the ideological obsession of austerity disagree with the relief measures and again referred to Manfred Weber.

Weber said that the measures taken by the Greek government burden the European taxpayers.

Our answer to Mr. Weber is that the time that Greece was the weakest link of Europe is over, and that these measures do not set at risk the fiscal stability and derive from the excessive surplus which is the result of the government's plan and the Greek people's sacrifices.

He left open the possibility for further positive measures at the end of the year based on the course of the economy, and reassured that the abolition of the tax free threshold will be cancelled.

On the result of the euroelections on Sunday, Tsipras said that New Democracy (ND) will paint it black and explained that the polls were systematically proven wrong in all the elections.

Asked if he will declare national elections depending on the result of the ballot on Sunday he reiterated that the ballots for the national elections should be set at the end of the government's term because this will give the message of the return to normality inside and outside the country.

On Turkey's stance he said: "The issue is not that Athens supports Nicosia but that the EU supports the government of Cyprus. Turkey is conducting drilling in the EEZ of a EU state member. Turkey's stance is opportunistic. The Turkish president should abandon this attitude that leads nowhere and sit on the negotiation table. Turkey is the only country in the region that has not sit at the negotiations table regarding the energy sources."

He also estimated that Turkey will not dare to proceed to the escalation of the provocations because it will show that its stance and behaviour has no relation with the international law.